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We care 

about our


We promote the use of 100% ecological and recycled fabrics. 

Our mission is to educate the new generations, from the earliest years of life, using only eco-sustainable and recycled materials playing our part in the fight against pollution. 

The fashion sector today is the second most polluting sector in the world, 20% of the global waste of water and 10% of carbon dioxide emissions are attributed to it.

In addition, it is also the main cause of diffusion of microplastics in the oceans, due to the washing of synthetic garments. The sustainable fashion cannot neglect the issues related to the poor working conditions in the most exploited countries. So, the main value of our brand is to produce our garments in Europe ensuring quality work under optimal conditions. 

For the first collection we decided to use only STANDARD 100 certified fabrics by OEKO-TEX®, an independent and uniform international control and certification system that certifies the entire production chain revolving around the garment we sell.

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